What Is Online Consignment?



is the act of transferring materials or items into another’s hands, but still remaining the owner until these goods are sold or until ownership is voluntarily changed. This is most often done at a brick-and-mortar consignment shop or store. To consign means to send and consignment is therefore the sending of goods to another person. Goods are most often sent to an agent for the purpose of making sales. The sender of goods is known as consignor and the agent is known as the consignee.

Online consignment,

then, is the process of shipping goods for consignment to a facility that runs a website and sells those items for the consignor online. This is our setup here, and we are striving to become the world’s easiest, most user-friendly

online consignment store.

It is important to remember several basic features of an online consignment shop. These are:

  • The relationship between the two parties involved is that of consignor and consignee- not that of buyer and seller.
  • The consignor usually bears most expenses in connection with the consignment.
  • Consignee is not responsible for any damages incurred via shipping or any other means.
  • Goods are sold at the risk of the consignor only.

A consignment shop typically sells items for an owner at a lower cost than new. It is understood in consignment stores that the consignee, or seller, will pay the consignor, or the owner, a portion of the proceeds from the sale(s). Payment is not made unless sales are made. The consignor retains the title to the item(s) and can request returns at any time. The owner can reclaim his or her items after a specified time frame, or the seller can dispose of the items at his or her discretion.

Merchandise that may be sold through our online consignment shop includes antiques, clothing (new or lightly worn), collectibles (figurines, die-cast vehicles,etc.), toys, books, musical instruments, and a host of other items.

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A consignor must present the items he or she wishes to sell for review. This is done via    Our Process.

After the items are reviewed, the consignor will be notified via email which items have been accepted for sale. These items will generally be in almost perfect condition and lightly used without any stains/damages/defects.

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Our Easy Consignment Checklist

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1.Fill out Registration/ Inventory Form

2. Upload Pictures – the MORE and the BIGGER, the better! We suggest you use captions and tag your photos with your name and brand name of item(s) for easy identification.


Upload Your Photos

3. Wait for an approval / rejection of items email from us.

4. Print and fill out our  CONTRACT. Be sure to sign the bottom. Pack up your box(es) following our SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS.  Include contract in shipment.

5. Sit back and wait for your money, via CHECK or PAYPAL.